Weekends, Waffles & Walks

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Lately our weekends have been on quite a routine: We wake up in the morning and I slowly mosey out of bed while Benjamin is already halfway through a cup of coffee. This usually is followed by a proclamation how nice it is to sleep in and how much I love the weekends. What’s not to love about sleeping in and enjoying the sunshine?? Half an hour and a cup of hot tea later I’m ready to go.

I’ve been loving our walks so we make it a point to go for one every Saturday and Sunday morning. Breathing in the sunshine and salty, fresh air is beyond refreshing after a long week of work. While we are living here we have to take advantage of being able to do things like walk to the beach and enjoy this town. I remind myself every time we’re down on the beach that people come here on vacation and we’re lucky enough to live here.

I write this just as I’m taking my last few sips of tea. And just like clockwork, we’ll head out and do the same thing again today. And I couldn’t be any happier!

Happy Saturday!


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