Manicure Monday: French Manicure Pen



It’s been AGES since I’ve done a French Manicure and for whatever reason I’ve been itching to do one lately. Nail trends change so quickly that it’s hard to believe a style can last so long. Can we talk about how quickly those weird suede textured polishes came and went? Shattered polish didn’t last much longer either. A favorite of brides and teenagers alike, the French Manicure is a classic here to stay.

The Dior French Manicure Pen is essentially nail polish in a pen shaped bottle. It reminds me of high school when some girls would use white out to paint their nails (gross, I know). But Dior pretty much took this concept and turned it luxe. I mean really, would you expect any less from Dior? The polish is thick yet runny, and creamy yet opaque. I carefully painted the tips of each of my nails and allowed to dry for a minute. Then I made any touch ups, especially the edges of my nails to give it a seamless look. Now I will say that it didn’t look perfect on the bottom edge where the white meets my clear nail. To touch up this area I have a little trick: take a synthetic bristle brush (I have one from a nail supply store) and a small bowl filled with acetone and carefully smooth out that line. And voila… You’ve got yourself a fancy French Manicure!


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