Not Bad for a Monday

Yesterday was my first day off since we got the apartment so naturally we spent the day eating Julian Apple Pie and lounging around. Wild day, I know. On a side note though that pie was beyond delicious. If you’re ever in southern California and happen to come across one do yourself a favor and eat it. Yes, the whole thing. Which we may or may not have done. After a few mutterings of “We shouldn’t have done that” and “Man, that was so delicious” and “I want to throw up” we decided to go explore the neighborhood. Really, I was the one exploring because I’ve only visited the town a handful of times. Benjamin went to high school in the area so he is much more familiar with the town than I am. The sugar rush kicked in right as we were leaving and I’m sure Benjamin was not embarrassed at all when I went skipping and jumping down the street. Thankfully, no one was around to witness it. We made sure to note the time we left so that we could see how long it would take us to walk to certain places downtown. The restaurant and bar that we went to on our second date are only a 3-5 minute walk away. How awesome is that? Starbucks clocks in at a mere 10 minutes. As does the beach. We couldn’t have had better timing on our walk because right when we hit the beach the sun was setting and we were able to watch it set right over the ocean. Talk about magical. This time of year I really do believe there is magic in the air and I love it. We ended up taking over an hour walking up and down the beach and back home. It was exactly what I needed on my day off to escape the holiday madness. I can’t wait until we can do it again and for all the great things to come from our new place 🙂

IMG_2947 IMG_2972


Here’s to Tuesday Morning!

Can you believe its December already? Where has the time gone??? Well, let me rewind and tell you. Last week was a busy week of training and my first few shifts of work.  Thursday, of course, was Thanksgiving where I stuffed myself with turkey and mashed potatoes followed by a slice or two of coconut cream pie. Friday was the infamous Black Friday where instead of shopping this year I spent 10 hours working. Oh, and did I mention that that was only my second shift? Yes, it was madness. I relaxed and did some Christmas shopping on Saturday and Sunday before picking up Benjamin at the airport Sunday night. It was so nice seeing him again (he was gone almost a month). Monday morning we got right to work apartment hunting the entire day. Which takes me to Tuesday. Ah, Tuesday. My mom and I joined Benjamin and family friends Gene and Beth at the Sheraton in Anaheim for a little ceremony. It was a HUGE day for Benjamin (and myself!) because he was sworn in as a lawyer for the State of California! I could not be any prouder of him. All of his hard work studying for the bar and not to mention years of law schooling have paid off and he’s made it! I am so happy for him and us and what’s to come. CONGRATULATIONS BEN!

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My outfit details:

Red Trench: H&M

Top: Forever 21

Skirt: J. Crew

Necklace: J. Crew

Shoes: Corso Como

Bag: Michael Kors

A Series of Unfortunate Events

One after another of our plans have gone awry in the last few weeks and unfortunately have led us to leave Hawaii early. We’re sad to go and have enjoyed every minute here but look forward to heading home. We talked last week about how small the island can feel and that, although we love it here, we’re itching for something else. Something like cooler weather and rain and scarves and drinking hot chocolate and fall. Ok, so maybe that was just me. But, regardless, since we found out we’re leaving we’ve been seeing the island in a whole new light. The beaches seem much more beautiful, the food tastes better, and the weather feels cooler. Air conditioning is a luxury here in Hawaii as electricity bills can be quite costly. (Sidenote: Solar energy is a popular option, which I think is great!) We keep cool in our room by use of fans and open windows but even then it can often times be uncomfortably hot. And this is coming from the girl that is always cold. I will miss the beaches here so much, especially my favorite: Lanikai Beach. I’ll miss the warm breezes shuffling through the palm trees and the crystal clear waters of the ocean. No one ever said it was easy leaving paradise. I do, however, look forward to seeing my family, having all of my things back/not living out of a suitcase, driving my car, being in familiar territory, and my mom cooking dinner 🙂  Oh, and the cat. I miss him. So here’s to Hawaii and the amazing time we’ve had. Its been a wonderful roller coaster ride.