Valentine’s Day

It’s not that I hate Valentine’s Day… it’s more of a love/hate feeling. I don’t like the day. But, I do. See, for whatever reason it never usually goes the way I would like it to. In high school I had always wanted to be one of those girls showered with gifts (because, let’s be honest, what high school girl doesn’t want to get showered with gifts?). They were the ones that got flowers and cards tied to their lockers and by third period English had received more candygrams than they could carry. By the end of the day they would walk out to the parking lot where, like clockwork, each of their cars would be secretly decorated. And I was not one of them. In fact, I was the girl that was stood up on February 14th one year. Valentine’s Day has always been a sort of bad luck day for me.

I’m turning 25 this year. I like to think that I’ve matured enough to be an adult but, if I’m being honest, I think a teensy bit of that bitterness still remains. Seeing flowers being delivered and cars decorated all reminded me of a time I wanted nothing more than to feel special. By the time I got home Friday evening it all came rushing back to me and a mini meltdown ensued. And after lots of hugs and kisses, I saw and truly appreciated the clean apartment I had come home to and the bouquet of flowers on the table. He knows me all too well. Too eager to wait, we had exchanged gifts last week when I was told I was getting a “coupon” to get my hair cut and colored. How thoughtful is that? Or maybe it was to stop my complaining? (Anyone with in-between length hair can understand!) Either way, I was psyched to go to my appointment earlier last week.

After a delicious dinner at home we headed out to grab a few bites from the chocolate bar yet again. The fog that has been hanging around the area every few nights was especially eerie that night and I tried to capture it on camera. We know the area well but with such dense fog it seemed like we were on the set of a scary movie. A few minutes into our walk we heard a loud noise down the street, to which Ben promptly informed me that T-Rex was probably going to start running down the road. It’s good thing I’m just as much of a dork as he is. We laughed and walked on, hand in hand, and just like that the stress of the day had melted away and I was left with our happiness of the moments we always share. Here’s to this year, and many more!

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Outfit Details:

Coat: Forever 21 (old)

Dress: H&M (a $7 find a few weeks ago)

Necklace: Baublebar (buy here)

Shoes: Sam Edelman (old)


A Chocolate Date

One of my favorite parts about moving is finding new places to explore. The idea of being somewhere new excites me so much because I feel like I have this mental (sometimes even physical) list of places I’d like to go or things I’d like to try. I’m sure that a part of that is my upbringing. We were always traveling, seeing new cities, experiencing different cultures. The idea of being in unfamiliar territory can be daunting, yes. Especially, if its WAYYY out of your comfort zone. But, I haven’t experienced any of that here. In fact, I’ve enjoyed finding new “places”. I think that we, as humans, can tend to get caught in the routine. This is the day to day and these are the things we do and the places we always go. And that’s cool. But doesn’t anyone yearn for something new? fresh? exciting? or just plain different?

It’s one of the many reasons I love Benjamin. He’s always taking me to places I’ve never been, or along for the ride when I want to explore around town. I can almost guarantee that a day doesn’t go by where the words “Oh! We should try that” or “Let’s go there!” don’t come out of my mouth. Don’t get me wrong, we have our routines too. We watch an episode of Suits, every single night. Our favorite restaurant is in San Francisco. Of the hundreds (or thousands?!) of restaurant in the city we pick the same one every time. And you know what? We order the same exact thing every single time. How boring, right? But, we love it so much that its become a tradition. And if you’re really lucky we may even tell you where in the city that favorite Italian restaurant of ours is.

Monday night, after eating dinner while in the middle of watching Suits (see, I told you) we both made mention of wanting dessert. Of course, there was no dessert to be found in this little apartment of ours. So, we went on an adventure and ended up downtown at a Chocolate Bar. Yes, that’s right, a CHOCOLATE BAR. It took me, little miss indecisive, over 10 minutes to decide what I wanted. You’d think that with a ton of chocolate in front of me it’d be easier to decide. Nope, it’s harder. We enjoyed our decadent goodies before taking a stroll through downtown on our way home. It makes me wonder why we don’t do this more often.

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