Manicure Monday: French Manicure Pen



It’s been AGES since I’ve done a French Manicure and for whatever reason I’ve been itching to do one lately. Nail trends change so quickly that it’s hard to believe a style can last so long. Can we talk about how quickly those weird suede textured polishes came and went? Shattered polish didn’t last much longer either. A favorite of brides and teenagers alike, the French Manicure is a classic here to stay.

The Dior French Manicure Pen is essentially nail polish in a pen shaped bottle. It reminds me of high school when some girls would use white out to paint their nails (gross, I know). But Dior pretty much took this concept and turned it luxe. I mean really, would you expect any less from Dior? The polish is thick yet runny, and creamy yet opaque. I carefully painted the tips of each of my nails and allowed to dry for a minute. Then I made any touch ups, especially the edges of my nails to give it a seamless look. Now I will say that it didn’t look perfect on the bottom edge where the white meets my clear nail. To touch up this area I have a little trick: take a synthetic bristle brush (I have one from a nail supply store) and a small bowl filled with acetone and carefully smooth out that line. And voila… You’ve got yourself a fancy French Manicure!


Manicure Monday: You’re Such a Budapest & A Cut Above




Not much to say about this one. Sometimes things work out and sometimes they flop. I had grand ideas of painting my nails this pretty purple by OPI called You’re Such a Budapest but felt that it was too plain when I was done. So I went back to my stash and thought hey maybe if I add a glitter it will give it a little more visual interest. So out came Essie’s A Cut Above. I immediately regretted this after painting the first two nails but it was too late to turn back then so I rolled with it and did it anyways. Overall impression: meh. Better luck next time!

Manicure Monday: Wine to Five




Hello blogging world, meet my new favorite dark red. This color Wine to Five by CoverGirl is absolutely divine. I’ve been nothing but impressed with these polishes. The formula is a dream. It’s creamy, opaque and so gorgeous. This could easily be a one coater but I did two just to be safe. The color makes my nails look like I just got a gel manicure. And who doesn’t like that?! Every time I use of these CoverGirl polishes I think to myself: I really have to pick up more of these colors!

Manicure Monday: Pyrotechnic



Another Formula X for Sephora color… Are you surprised??? I received this little gem called Pyrotechnic as a free gift a few months back when they first released the entire collection. I’m sad to admit that this is only the second time I’ve worn it because I’m actually thrilled with this polish. The color, the thick formula, the pigmentation. Amazing. Move over OPI, there’s a new favorite red in town!

Manicure Monday: DJ Play That Song

IMG_3559 IMG_3515 IMG_3520 IMG_3527

So this color….

It’s called DJ Play That Song by Essie. Ok, rephrasing that. The name of this nail polish is called DJ Play That Song and it is by the brand Essie. It’s another love/hate. I generally love the way it looks. Like, if I saw these pictures somewhere I’d think wow, that looks like a nice color I NEED to buy it now. I should add, this not an uncommon thought when I saw any bottle of nail polish I don’t already own…and even some that I do own…. Thankfully I haven’t bought any duplicates yet. Knock on wood. But don’t be fooled by the pretty shell this thing was a pain. Streaky and sheer all over. It took me three coats to get this look which is generally a deal breaker for me. I don’t like polishes that take too long to apply. Two coats and a topcoat is my weapon of choice. Overall verdict: Meh. I’ll use it again but not a favorite.

Manicure Monday: No More Film

There is only one word that comes to mind when I see this color. Inky. I can’t figure out any other way to explain it. It’s such a dark, deep purple color that reminds me of a bad ink stain on a white shirt. Maybe it’s more indigo than purple then? I’m not sure. But, I don’t care. This color, No More Film by Essie, is a dream. One coat and you’re done! I feel like I’ve hit the jackpot with most of my polishes lately. I promise I pick then randomly. I did a little happy dance last night when my nails looked like this immediately after applying. Talk about 5 minute manicure! Hope you love it as much as I do.





Manicure Monday: Galaxy

A day late, I know. This color is (big surprise) another Formula X by Sephora polish called Galaxy. I’ve been nothing but impressed with these polishes but to be perfectly honest this one missed the mark for me. I love the deep inky look of this navy blue and the added shimmer really does make it look, well, like a galaxy. However, what I did not know is that this dries to a textured finished. It was gorgeously glossy as I was applying but I noticed that while drying the polish shrivels up to this textured finish. I don’t hate it but I don’t love it either. I did two coats along with a top coat to give it the same depth as the color in the bottle. I won’t rule it out completely but it may be a while before you see this one on my nails again…